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Internet of Things isn't just things with internet connection. Kettle's web-interface doesn't change user experience in major: user still have to put water in it and make an order to boil. It's not a game changing feature to be able to turn on the kettle lying in the bed or turn off the lights at home while your are in the office. It's just a remote control.

The main feature of getting things connected is synergy they could provide by exchanging infomation to each other. The washing machine could know the type of the clothes inside itself and make the decision when and how to operate based on this information and the electricity prices which it could acquire from the power-meter. The fitness tracker could know if the user has a party tonight so as to tell the fridge that it has to order a beer or analgene in addition to regular milk.

Internet of Things makes sense if different Things connects to each other in order to provide an environment to run applications affecting few of such devices. And the ability of execute that applications is a game changing feature.

Sometime later IoT will become a mess with a few clusters of compatible things inside. Some applications would have standards tightly defining interconnections and functions of whole system, just like smart grid in USA.

Big players would have platforms joining very different devices. Google's glasses, lenses, powermeter and cars are already here. The most interesting business is in providing the platform for running high level applications affecting things of all descriptions. And providing a market of that applications.

I won a contest with this text. They didn't tell anything about competitors so I think I was alone :-)

Mikhail Baranov

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