Holy Cow

Holy Cow by David Duchovny

Before reading this book I had no idea that David Duchovny has a Master's degree in English literature from Yale. And if I knew that, I'd say that he did it as practice for the role of Hank Moody in Californication.

Holy Cow, his debut novel, reveals another side of his personality. Having been written in recent years, the story is set in modern time. Elsie Bowary, a cow from a farm in the USA, tells us about her escape along with a turkey and a pig to India, Turkey, and Israel respectively. She peeps a TV-set showing a program about meat production that reveals to her the destiny of cows to be slaughtered. The pig and the turkey solicit Elsie to take them with. They go, take a flight, visit several countries, take part in adventures, meet other animals and humans.

The novel is written in a light and humorous style. However, it concerns the way the human race uses the other world, and its propensity to build an industry upon others' lives. Having read up to the middle of the book I thought that Mr. Dukhovny might be a vegetarian.

I liked the book because it was written by David Dukhovny. This is smooth and humoruos reading and It may be good alternative to pulp fiction. On the other hand, I can recommend it only if you enjoy easy-going entertaining books. It's pretty shallow on my opinion.

Mikhail Baranov

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Moscow, Russia